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February 10, 2012
It's About Water


It moves in circles. Waves. Vortices.

Fact: Water is a substance made of hydrogen and oxygen, in the ratio two to one. It covers over 70% of the Earth's surface and is essential to all known forms of life.

Simple at that level. What we also know is that water has a predictable pattern of movement which give rise to form. This archetypal movement may be found in all flowing media - the galaxies and stars of the universe, the spiral of our double helix DNA, and the flowing, twisting weather patterns that cross our planet. It is repeated and revealed all around us from the micro to macro. Along with the life sustaining molecular properties of water, it is this motion that brings life forward. Amazing.

It is the circle of life.

Water is essential to the survival of our planet and all living things. We understand it at the macro level. Rising from the wetlands, lakes and oceans, it evaporates into our cloudy, misty atmosphere and releases rain, snow or hail on the crust’s surface to seep and cascade from the mountain tops and meander its way to the seas where it has its own circular movements from cold arctic currents to warmer equatorial currents.

At a micro level, water seeks to maintain a rhythmical balance between the spherical form and the pull of gravity. It is at this edge of shaping the circle and the directional force of gravity that results in a spiralling form -- the spiral of a river current or the structure of a bone or the walls of our heart. As the spirals occur in differences of speed a vortex forms. It is in the vortex, the archetypal movement of water, that all life flows and the formative principles of living matter are produced.

Betsy has been exploring the phenomenon of water for 27 years and will highlight her lifelong passion at an exhibit at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA, this September.
Her work with the forms of water, the patterns and textures, the creative forces that bring life, both biologically and culturally, is seen as an opportunity to awaken consciousness of the essential role of water. She will present a multi-disciplinary installation at the Mattress Factory that highlights her distinctive visual vocabulary of water and will be working with communities to create several in situ projects around the remediation of water in the city environs. This is part of a yearlong process creating a comprehensive articulation of water titled ‘Water Rules - Life’.

“Pittsburgh is built on hills nestled in a gorge on the confluence of three rivers. This city was founded because its three rivers flowed abundantly and rapidly. The steel mills were driven by water, their detritus carried away by water. This was the ideal geography for expansion and industrial development. The city became a boomtown in which nothing was further from the minds of those great entrepreneurs than water quality. However, there was a time when people lived here for its clear pristine rushing waters and easily accessible springs. Now we stand facing a crisis without much of an iconography of the water’s essential role in life or an understanding of the imperative of correcting the alienation both consciously and physically.” Betsy Damon

The installation at the Mattress Factory will demonstrate the essential role and the properties of H2O with a 12-15 minute film projected on four walls with sounds and texture of water from fog, rain, and mist to flowing waters and vortices. It will be an experience of water creating life through the use of digital film and still image that reveal the water of cells and the water that makes our DNA move, protecting and enabling the basic components of life. Damon will make a clear connection between a beating heart and the pulse of water. Water never moves in a straight line, it moves as vortices. As such, our perspective and uses of water are currently incorrect. She will seek to create a murmur, a quietness of life coming into being through water. To have consciousness of water invites us to have consciousness of all life.


A Fresh Beverage for the Public

A family in Hudson, Wisconsin, who recently contacted Keepers, has taken the initiative to bring their private freshwater spring to the public. They see the spring, which runs all year long, as a "sacred water site of sorts." They are getting the site tested by the Department of Natural Resources and are in the process of promoting and making the site accessible.
This is a hopeful and visionary step towards reclaiming the human right to water. They are creating an inspiring model to bring people back to knowledge of their ecosystems and create physical bond with their resources.

A Waterline from the Netherlands to South Africa

Keepers has been talking with the Director of the Cape Town organization Reclaim Camissa. Camissa is the ancient Khoi name for Cape Town meaning 'the place of sweet waters'. This organization is looking to effect a new civic infrastructure that is inspired by respect for the social, cultural and ecological significance of water.
We have recently put Reclaim Camissa in touch with the Dutch Water Board and their subsidiaries (with the help of a friend of ours Joost from the Netherlands) in order to further her projects along. The water network is flowing.

The Writing is on the Wall: Facebook!

You can see the latest news and actions of the Keepers Community as well as updates on Betsy Damon’s current projects on our new Facebook page.

Keepers is also now officially a ‘Cause’ on Facebook, where you can see updates on projects and make donations—and please do, we are possible because of your support!


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