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May 14, 2010
News from Betsy Damon and Keepers of the Waters – May 2010

This year’s Earth Day initiated the first project of the Eco Art Treasure Coast – a 15 month eco- artist mentorship project in Stuart, Florida. Four unique floating islands were constructed at the Florida Oceanographic Institute. These islands were designed and built by the six apprentices whom Betsy is mentoring, each measure roughly 10 square feet each and are made of biodegradable, organic materials such as bamboo, coconut fiber, glass bottles and aquatic plants.
The islands provide shade and a living system for wildlife both above and under water in an outdoor aquarium.

Betsy reports: “We started in early November with a workshop in which participants self-selected to be in the project. They began with readings and learning what it means to be eco-artists. In January, we met for two weeks and started the process of finding a workspace, building a cohesive group and meeting with potential partners such as the Florida Oceanographic Society, Audubon, South Florida Water Management District, Parks and Recreation, and the numerous departments of water management for the county and city.

We are working closely with local scientists such as Jim Moir, a marine biologist/activist who is an essential advisor to our group. And, we are beginning a multi-layered initiative, Plastic Free Seas with a community wide clean-up campaign to recycle all plastics large and small. The centerpiece of this campaign will be an installation, ‘The Dinner Party of Death for Aquatic Life’ (a working title). The Eco Art Treasure Coast project is the first in a series of the South Florida Environmental Art Project (www.sfeap.org), conceptualized by Mary Jo Aagerstoun. Their purpose is to support and encourage eco artists to share their environmental/artistic process with the local community and when the public becomes educated, they will expect and demand that the larger systems become integrated multi-functional living systems.”

To learn more about EcoArt Treasure Coast project, please visit these links:


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