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December 06, 2009
Composting toilet as a holiday gift?

Have you ever imagined that a composting toilet or waste water system could be a holiday gift? Beginning this new year, Keepers is implementing an educational program to supply Tibetan villages with information on water management, wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting. Please help us this holiday season with a tax-deductible donation.

A donation of $40 would cover the materials needed for a composting toilet for a family and, with your generous support, we can build 25 composting toilets during the course of 2010. We are also seeking $6,000 for a month-long training program in watershed management and appropriate wastewater treatments for ten local people and their villages.

With this donation, you will receive a complimentary Keepers of the Waters 2010 Calendar: Sacred Water Sites of the Tibetan Culture. With a donation of $150 or more you will receive an archival quality 8” x 10” Living Water image signed by Betsy Damon.


-The city and people of Dayton, Florida, are now striving for a living ecosystem in the Miami River basin after Betsy’s visit to the University of Dayton.

-The EcoArt Treasure Coast Project, led by Betsy, has started in Martin County, Florida. The eight apprentices are beginning their first projects. Further information can be found on the South Florida Environmental Art Project website (http://www.sfeap.org/home.html) and at the Keepers website.

-reSources: Documentation of the sacred water sites is being continued by Lacou and Lamu in Sichuan, China. We are planning on implementing on-site remediations beginning in May.


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