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September 06, 2008
Great news from Keepers of the Waters and Betsy

First, we are so pleased to let you all know that we have fully reclaimed our website from a very persistent hacker. And as part of this effort the site has been updated and improved. To celebrate the re-inauguration of www.KeepersoftheWaters.org we have current news from Betsy and her work in China and a collection of photos from the Yak Team, a local Chinese volunteer organization, showing help arriving for families recently devastated by the earthquake in Sichuan, China.

Our website exists to inspire and promote projects that combine art, science and community involvement to restore, preserve and remediate water sources. This is a great time to join us, check out our website and tell us about your hopes, aspirations, dreams and projects that are inspired by water. If you are already with us on our ’Professional and Project Network’, please take the time to review and update your information. We want to hear about what’s going on! It is now easier to join our organization as a newsletter subscriber, and also as a professional in the field of ecology, sustainability and water restoration, and to post your own amazing water projects. And to learn how to support us as we support you!

I am also very excited to forward to you the updates that Betsy has been sending from China. Please go to the website www.KeepersoftheWaters.org for her inspiring and poignant photos. Start at the Home page and click on each photo to take you to the next.

8/28 - Chengdu has become one of the green cities of China. Thanks to a decision the leaders made here in the mid-nineties, which included building the Living Water Garden, weeping willow, ginkgos, cedars and numerous other trees and flowers are everywhere. Yesterday, I went to the model village where eco toilets, methane collection and organic gardening are becoming the norm. We ate a vegetarian meal that was gourmet by any standards and picked vegetables. They have established buyers and deliver the vegetables once a week. The smiles on people’s faces were quite different from three years ago when skeptical glances received me.

The earthquake is on everyone’s mind as winter is coming. Immediately, I met a man and then a couple who are working with those who have fallen through the cracks. They spend hours with each household listening to them and then take a list of what they need and find through donations or NGO’s ways of providing it. Most of those needs are very simple like mosquito repellant, something to cook with, clothing and medicine. The Yak Team, which has a Chinese website, is attending to about 20 families. They all need improved water systems as the government sanitation facilities do not extend to very small villages. I have been sharing the project with many, it is being received with enthusiasm and I am meeting the people who will help in the future. (This project is talked about in more detail on our website at ‘Our Projects’.)

The Living Water Garden continues to be influential and has been selected to be presented at the Shanghai Worlds Fair.

More very soon, Betsy

9/3 - Hello, friends! All these photos are provided by a small group called the ‘Yak Team’ (please go to www.KeepersoftheWaters.org to view photos). They go into remote areas which receive little aid from the government or the Red Cross and listen to people for hours and then they try to source either as gifts or with funding given to them and deliver to the people exactly what they need. I know one of the leaders well and know that this is a totally volunteer effort and that they pay for their travel and gas themselves.

I am currently in Beijing seeing old friends, enjoying revisiting my favorite spots and consulting on several projects, like a wetlands cleaning system for a city nearby.

PS The air has been clean and traffic is still cut in half. It is clean and colorful right now with the parks full of all ages fishing and practicing every form of exercise imaginable. Here, when the city is half shut, everyone just takes time to play.

Love to you all, Betsy

9/4 - While describing the project to people here in Beijing, I received a total of $1,100. I am grateful for this opportunity to make a sustainable rural water system. I am hoping to be able to do separation toilets and collect the solid and liquid waste for fertilizer and electricity. How good can this be!

We now have $3,000 and I think we will need about $3,000 more.

Love and blessings to all and once again, thank you to all supporters, Betsy

As you can see, donations would be very helpful to Betsy’s work. Please go to our website at ‘Support Us’ for easy information to contribute. Thank you.


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