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Wholly H2O website
03/01/2009 - 09/01/2009

Organization/s:wholly H2O
Contact:Elizabeth Dougherty
Water Treated:Stormwater runoff
Site Description:Park
Project Summary: Devoted to water conservation and efficiency through rainwater, greywater, storm water and black water capture and reuse in the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agriculture sectors of California.
wholly h2o is non-profit currently under development by a team of Bay Area woman led by Elizabeth Dougherty and Tara Hui. wholly h2o will exist as both a virtual and a physical site in San Francisco, California by September 2009. We are here to promote the reuse of rain, grey, storm and black water as well as the development of green jobs in the water reuse industry. Our information will be provided by sector: residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural.
The website will provide:

* Comprehensive information about rainwater, greywater, storm water, and black water reuse management management systems Water Conservation and Efficiency Rebates and Incentives throughout California
* Tips on water efficiency and conservation for each sector
* Product information and links
* Service provider information and links
* Calendar of CA water reuse-related events (including classes held at the Center)
* News, Research, White papers, Facts, Maps, Demo Sites, Blogs on integrated water reuse management issues from around CA and the world
* CA water reuse Policy updates
* Access to wholly h2o’s certification, audit, integrated water management planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Demo Tour services
* Membership choices for supporting wholly h2o
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Advice Oferred: rainwater reuse
greywater rreuse
storm water reuse
black water reuse
Advice Needed: tips, reports, demo projects, research, incentives, rebates, codes/policies
Volunteer Opportunities: research these topics to add content to comprehensive water reuse website

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