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Kansas River Expression of Soul
11/01/2005 - 11/07/2007

Organization/s:Lawrence Art Guild and Scientists from K.U.
Contact:Marie Thompson
Water Treated:River
Site Description:Park
Project Summary: K.R.E.O.S. Mission Statement:

The presence of the Arts can greatly benefit the Sciences.
As we move closer to digital utopia, we shouldn’t forget our roots, our natural world. We want to preserve our earth habitat, but at the same time most of us have no real clue how we’re affecting it. As Artists and Scientists side by side, we can learn techniques and concepts of creative inquiry. We will hear Nature’s special language and translate it into environmental responsibilities. We are joining forces because we are collectively aware of the importance of eco-consciousness from a global to a personal level. We would like to employ a spiritual relationship with the riverscape, and encourage activism by creating artworks that depict our interventionist feelings, and social conscience.

The Kansas River Expression of Soul Project is a collaborative effort and fusion of creative individuals from ecological, and environmental sources. We hope to enhance recreational sites, parks, educational centers, and historical exhibits with artistic interpretations of shelter, which are actual sculpture for wildlife. We want to provide gallery showings of other artworks as well, such as photography, painting, video, fiber, and indoor sculpture. By combining our talents, we wish to educate people about pollution and dredging problems within the Kansas River, and bring to the forefront our concerns for endangered and threatened species, while simultaneously promoting ecological works of art.

Thank you,
Marie Thompson
Artist By Design LLC
Advice Oferred: Creating artistic and scientific shelters for endangered species, as well as all wildlife.
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes, there will be opportunities for students, and the community to participate with creating bird houses, butterfly houses, bat houses, and other wildlife needs.
Employment Opportunities: Volunteering may turn into full time or part time jobs. As an artist your project may get commissioned. You must first prepare your proposal, and diagram your shelter/sculpture in order to show the commission what you want to build.

Disclaimer:Keepers of the Waters assumes no liability for the accuracy of the project network members. Please contact members directly to check the facts.
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