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Eco Art Treasure Coast
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EcoArt Treasure Coast was a pilot project that evolved over a year's period in Martin County Florida. The program was the first project of EcoArt South Florida, Inc., sponsored by the Arts Council of Martin County and involves six Treasure Coast artists, Gail Kosowski, Jesse Etelson, Brenda Leigh, Mary Segal, Jennifer Sylvia, and Jamie Powell. It was funded by the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties, the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, and private donors. Betsy Damon was the mentor artist, working closely with this group to develop projects and collaborations with numerous groups such as the Florida Oceanographic Society, Audubon Society, and the community group "Building Bridges to Use".

Click here to view the "EcoArt Treasure Coast Surges Forward" 4 page statement.

Participating artists install native species islands in lagoon.

“Living on the Edge”, December 2010 exhibition.