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Living Waters of Ballona Creek, Los Angeles:
Converting back to a natural watershed from a pipeshed

The watershed of Ballona Creek, a nearly 9-mile long waterway in Los Angeles, is confined almost entirely to concrete ditches (what I call a "pipeshed"). The wetlands of its watershed are starved for water. Mentored by keepers Jeanette Vosberg is leading efforts to change the Ballona watershed from a pipeshed back to a watershed.

This will be an 18 month process of extensively mapping the watershed with community members of its shared districts. We will map to create a plan to restore complexity and resilience. We need to convince Los Angeles to reconsider their regulation to keep waterways overbuilt and underground. This project emerged out of a long time coaching relationship that Damon has with activists in L. A.; Keepers of the Waters coaches many activists and is helping to promote and assist the forming of groups to combat discouragement and foment water progress.