Science and Education of Water

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Betsy Damon: 25 Years on Water     The Womens Environmental Artists Directory February 2014 issue "proudly honors BETSY DAMON, a first-generation feminist performance artist and influential environmental art role model. From China to Pittsburg, she has made significant contributions to the art and understanding of remediating water for three+ decades. Sharing expertise, she founded the “Keepers of the Waters”—an artist-run nonprofit that helps other artists and communities create their own local water saving projects."

Living Water     Water is vital to our survival; all life is totally dependent upon it. People have cured themselves of diseases just by drinking good water. But it is the difference between water that is alive and water that is dead that clarifies a discussion about good water.

Bottled Water - What Can We Do?     We all have a right to clean water. It is a resource that shouldn't be packaged and sold. This article takes a look at the controversy and summarizes some important facts and statistics that will make you never want to drink from plastic again.

We Are All Connected (and why we shouldn’t ‘frack’)     We are at a tipping point, or beyond it some will say. In recent human history, we have put a massive strain on all the systems of the earth and are now seeing many in decline. Fracking is dangerous and threatening to our air, water and land. Keepers of the Waters explores the controversy and raises a call to protect our water sources