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The Living Water Garden, Chengdu China

Visiting the Living Water Garden in Chengdu, China, these images explore the amazing transformation of polluted water from the Fu and Nan Rivers through an eco park that was designed as a fully functioning water treatment plant, education center and refuge for wildlife and plants. 36 Slides


The Model Village Project, Sichuan China

The Model Village Project continues the teachings of the Living Water Garden in a village not far from Chengdu where they are practicing sustainable and organic farming that eliminates the chemical runoff to local streams and rivers. 31 Slides


Resources: Saving Living Systems
Sacred Water Sites in Tibet and China

Resources: Saving Living Systems is a global project and its purpose is to research and honor water sites around the world that have sustained human life and deep cultural traditions for centuries. The first project under the auspices of 'Resources' is the research of Tibetan water sites. 31 Slides


Betsy Damon Artist

“I have cast a dry riverbed in the colorado desert, I've built urban water gardens that effectively and naturally cleaned water, I've created an international networking site for the distribution of information and resources for water remediation projects, I have held workshops empowering communities through decentralized water management, I've created fountains, monuments, interactive sculptures, and I have researched other cultures’ relationships with water to find alternative cultural models of water appreciation. This experience has contributed to my comprehensive understanding of water itself and its relationship to community, and has helped me to develop a visual language to express the complex interconnectedness of life and water”. 44 Slides