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Grants and Awards
Betsy has achieved over 30 awards of excellence and merit, fellowships and grants including:

2012Heinz Endowment for ‘Residencies at Art Organizations’, The Mattress Factory Art Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
2006American Association of Landscape Architects Tong Zhou Project
2005American Association of Landscape Architects Fuzhou University design
2004Chinese Planning Bureau (international jury), Second Place for Wen Yu He River
2003Chinese Planning Bureau (international jury), Third Place for Olympic Forest Park design
2000Marion Weber National Award of Merit
1999Places Award given by Environmental Research and Design Assoc.
1999Nancy Gray Foundation to write book ‘Living Water Concepts’.
1998Waterfront Center, Top Honor Award, Living Water Garden, Chengdu, China
1997Jerome Fellowship for the Living Water Garden, Chengdu, China
1996Bush Fellowship: Individual Artists Fellowship
1996Jerome Travel Grant to design park in Chengdu, China
1994Flow Fund to begin a Keepers project in China
1994Jerome Foundation grant for Duluth "Keepers of the Waters"
1993Jerome Foundation travel grant to China
1992Arts Midwest for "Keepers of the Waters" project
19913M for "Keepers of the Waters" project
1991Jerome Foundation for Workshops for Artists and Scientists
1990National Endowment for the Arts, Aspen Museum, "A Homage to Rivers"
1998Mid-life Career Award, Women's Caucus for Art, San Francisco, CA
1998New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship
1998Ruth Chenven Foundation Grant
1987Threshold Foundation Grant for "Only One River",video about aquifers
1987Artist Space/Artist Grant for “A Memory of Clean Water” installation at PS1, New York, NY.
1979New York Foundation, for a Women's Troupe Street Event
1973New York State Council for the Arts for the Feminist Studio, Ithaca, NY
1973America the Beautiful Foundation for the Feminist Studio
1973Poetry without Walls for collaboration with poet Polly Joan
1973Cornell Council for the Creative and Performing Arts
1972CAST (Creative, Arts, Science and Technology)
1971CAST for the Moving Parallelogram Wall

Selected Books and Articles
Keepers of the Waters and Betsy Damon

“The Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration”, 2012, with Editors Dave Egan and Jesse Abrams, Ecoartist Authors Lillian Ball and Betsy Damon
“Sacred Land: Intuitive Gardening for Personal, Political and Environmental Change”, 2007, by Clea Danaan
“In the Making: Creative Options for Contemporary Art”, 2003, by Linda Weintraub
“Radical Landscapes: Reinvention Outdoor Space” 2001, by Jane Amidon
Earth Light, Fall 2001, Issue 43, “The Living Water Garden of Chengdu, China” by Betsy Damon
Whole Earth Catalogue, March 2000, The Living Water Garden – Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Sculpture, March 2000, Vol. 19 No. 2, A publication of the International Sculpture Center, Article by Terri Cohn, “Betsy Damon: Living Water Garden”
Places, January 2000, Environmental Design & Research Association Awards
YES, Winter Issue, 2000, “China’s Living Water Garden” by Anne Mavor
Waterfront World Spotlight, Winter 1999, Vol. 17, No. 1, “Living Water Garden, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China”
Expanding Circles, 1996, “Art and Community” by Betty Brown
“Sculpting with the Environment”, 1995, edited by Baile Oakes
“Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art’s Meaning in Contemporary Society”, 1995, by Linda Weintraub
“Mapping the Terrain”, 1994, Suzanne Lacy, New Bay Press
Anoka County Union, October, 1992, "Fall Water Festival"
Anoka County Union, August, 1992, "Keepers of the Waters Project"
“Coming into Our Fullness: Women in their 40's”, 1991, Cathleen Rountree, Crossing Press
San Antonio News, June 1991
“Heroine’s Journey”, 1990, Maureen Murdock, Shambala
The Public Art Review, Summer 1990, “Conversations with the Earth: Profiles of Lee Deffebach, Betsy Damon, and Dominique Mazeaud” by Margret Carde
“Revered Earth”, 1990, Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe, NM
“A Natural Order”, 1990, Hudson River Museum, NY
"The Once and Future Goddess: A Symbol for Our Time” 1989, by Elinor Gadon, Harper & Rowe
Arts June 1987, A Memory of Clean Water, Elinor Gadon
The New Art Examiner, May 1986, "In Homage to Ana Mendieta"
Daily Sentinel, November 6, 1985, "Paper River"
The New York Times, March 1984, Review by Grace Glueck
Art Forum, March 1983, Review of Extended Sensibilities
The New York Times, October 1982, Review of Extended Sensibilities
Art in America, November 1981, "Gardens, Metaphors for Personal and Public Art", Lucy Lippard
Arts, October 1980, "First International Festival for Women in the Arts," Elinor Tufts
High Performance, "Summer 1980, The Battle of New Orleans," Suzanne Lacy
LIVE, 1980, Performance Art #3, Lenora Champagne

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