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Living Waters of Larimer
Larimer Neighborhood, Pittsburgh PA, USA

The ongoing Living Waters of Larimer project continues to bring together community members (artisits, scientists and other interested people), evolving the green infrastructure in their neighborhood. This community action project in Pittsburgh PA uses rainwater harvesting as the basis of a neighborhood revival, using a resilient and flexible water infrastructure. Helping to revitalize the Larimer neighborhood through water awareness.
2016 10th INTECOL
Wetlands Conf., Changshu China

October 2016 Betsy Damon was the plenary speaker at the 10th INTECOL Wetlands Conference in Changshu China. The wetlands conference is held every four years and aims at bringing ecological scientists from around the world into conversation. Betsy was the first artist ever invited as a plenary speaker. Her talk focused on advocacy for water, and having a vision to take action. Her participation set a precedent for future artist invitations to the conference.